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Use this tool to read extended group membership of a TFS 2010\2013 Server.

This would be useful in getting extended group membership for:
#1 Server\Instance Level Groups
#2 Server\Instance Level Groups + All Collection level groups down to team projects
#3 Group Membership for a particular collection down to team projects

This can be handy when you want to export group membership for AD users in TFS before doing a domain migration, so that one can replicate\create the same users\groups on the target domain. Plus it can serve as a security membership snapshot of a TFS Server at any point in time.

Needs to be run on the TFS 2010\2013 App Tier machine (because it has dependency on a TFS server side assembly)


GetUsers /{Server|Collection}:Uri [/{All|ServerOnly}]

== Get Group membership for a particular collection
GetUsers.exe /collection:http://server:8080/tfs/CollectionName > c:\temp\dumpcollection.txt

== Get Group membership of server + all collections
GetUsers.exe /server:http://server:8080/tfs /all >c:\temp\dumpall.txt
GetUsers.exe /server:http://server:8080/tfs >c:\temp\dumpall.txt

== Get Group membership of just the server level groups
GetUsers.exe /server:http://server:8080/tfs /serveronly >c:\temp\dumpserveronly.txt

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